MCS-024 Most Important question

MCS-024 Most Important Question

MCS-024 Most Important question.

MCS-024 Most Important question

  • What do you mean by “garbage collection” in Java? Give advantages and disadvantages of garbage collection?

  • What is an interface ? Write a java program to show how a class implements two interfaces?
  • Write short notes on the following :

(i)Java Beams and its advantages

(ii) Class and object 

(iii) Applet Architecture

(iv) Access specifiers 

(v) Bitwise operators in java

(vi) Message Passing 

(vii) Java Beans 

(viii) Strings in Java 

(ix) Package

(x) Socket 

(xi) Datagram Packet

  1. What is an exception in Java ? What are the 
  2. basic causes of occurrence of exception ? 
  3. Write a program in Java, to exhibit the concept of exception handling. Support your program with suitable comments?
  4. What is RMI ? Explain RMI architecture with a suitable diagram.
  5. Differentiate between following : 

(i) Public member and private member 

(ii) Overloading and Overriding 

(iii) Java application and Applet 

(iv) FOR statement and WHILE statement

    1. What are cookies ? Discuss the role of cookies in session tracking. 
    2.  Compare AWT and Swing components. 
    3.  Write a Java program, to find the factorial of a given number.
    4. What is JDBC ? What are the characteristics of JDBC ? Write a program to demonstrate how JDBC connection is established?
    5. What is the purpose of Serialization of an object ? 
    6. How does the volatile modifier to a data type affect serialization ?
    7. Differentiate between superclass and subclass. Write a program in Java to show the concept of reusability?
    8. Explain the concept of inheritance and polymorphism, with an example of each?
    9. What is a checked exception in java ? How it is 
    10. different from unchecked exceptions ? Explain briefly.


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