MCS-014 Important Questions

MCS-014 : SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN (Important Questions)

  1. What is a software system ? Define SDLC.
  2. What is a Data Dictionary ?
  3. What is an Expert System ?
  4. What are Visual CASE tools ? Explain any two types of emerging CASE tools.
  5. Draw DFDs Upto 2nd level (Railway/Online Shopping/Hospital)
  6. What is meant by ‘Design Support System (DSS)’ ? Explain various components of it.
  7. Draw ERD for a (Railway Reservation System/ Hospital Information System. Make necessary assumptions
  8. Write SRS for a (Railway/Online Shopping/HospitalInformation System) . Make necessary assumptions.
  9. List and explain any two object-oriented CASE tools, with the help of suitable examples.
  10. Explain why design principles are necessary for efficient software design. Differentiate between Top-down design and Bottom-up approach of software design

Short Note

  1. Different Standards for Documentation
  2. Audit of Transactions on Computer
  3. Real Time Systems and Distributed Systems
  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis
  5. Software Maintenance
  6. User Interface Design
  7. Real Time Systems
  8. Software Documentation
  9. Corrective maintenance
  10. Adaptive maintenance
  11. Perfective maintenance
  12. Preventive maintenance
  13. Prototype Approach
  14. Joint Application Development (JAD)
  15. Decision Support Systems
  16. Data dictionary
  17. Modularity
  18. Site Visits and Questionnaires
  19. Coupling
  20. Software Quality Assurance
  21. Types of File Organization
  22. Information Security
  23. Data Flow Diagram
  24. Transaction Processing System
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