What is Operations Management: Definition, Function, Aim and Scope

What is Operations Management: Definition, Function, Aim and Scope

Operations Management

Operations management is an area of managements concerned with designing and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods & services. Production management or Operations management focuses on a achieving smooth production process with efficient planning and Control of business operations.

The function of production management is to find perfect balances: –
  • Right Quality
  • Right Quality
  • Right Time
  • Right Cost
Aim Operation management

Production management has the ultimate objective of optimizing your manufacturing efficiency with your current capacity. To achieve this you need to find the best manufacturing process for your business.

Scope of Production and Operation
  1. The application of operation management Concepts in-service operation.
  2. The growing importance of quality.
  3. The introduction of operations management Concepts to other areas such as marketing and human resources.
  4. The realization that the operations management function can add value to the end product.
  5. Wastage reduce


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