Productivity & Manufacturing : Plant Location , Plant Layout .

Productivity & Manufacturing : Plant Location , Plant Layout .


Productivity is an overall measure of the ability to produce good services. Productivity may also be defined as an index that measures output (goods or services) relative to input (labour, materials, energy ) etc., used to produce the output.) as such it is expressed as.

Hence there are two major ways to increase productivity, increase the numerator, output decrease the denominator.

इसका Basically यहीं मतलब है की आप अपना कितना input लगा रहे हों include labour, material. और फिर कितना output आ रहा है।

Productivity  जब high होती है  input कम हो और Output  ज्यादा ,  इसी को Productivity high कहते है |

Factors affecting productivity and productivity measurement:-

Factor Affecting Productivity Can be classified broadly into two categories:-

  1. Controllable (Internal factors)
  2. Un- controllable (external factors)


  1. Controllable (Internal factors)
  • Product Factors
  • Plant and Equipment Technology
  • Material and energy
  • Human Factors work methods.
  • Management Style

       2. Un- controllable (external factors)

  • Structural Factor
  • Natural Factor
  • Govt and infrastructure
Production Technology

The technology used for making a physical product is called production technology.

Production Technology In the simplest Sense production technology is the machinery that makes creating physical products possible for a business.

Types of Manufacturing Process:-

The main types of manufacturing are casting and moulding, machining, Joining, shearing (final touch), and forming (ready to sell).

  1. Intangible action

Services directed at people’s minds:-

  • Education
  • Theatres
  • Information services

Services directed at intangible assets:-

  • Banking
  •  Legal Services
  • Insurance

     2.  Tangible actions  ( जो service दिखाई नहीं देती )

Services for People

  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Saloon’s

Services for Goods

  • Transportation
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Day cleaning
Plant Location

The location of an industry is an important management decision. It is two step decision first choice of general area region and second the choice of the site of the area selected.

Plant layout 
  • Product or Line Layout .(ex Mcds)
  • Process of Functional Layout .(diff process)
  • Fixed Position Layout .(ex cake)
  • Combination types of Layout

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