Stakeholder (Rights & Privileges)

A stakeholder is a person who has an interest Sake in a Company.

Stakeholder वो होते हैं, जो जिनका  Company पर influence या stake (हिस्सा) होता है और उनका Company के साथ किसी ना किसी तरीके के साथ link भी हो या फिर  एक Creditor भी हो सकते है हम उन्हें Stakeholder कहते हैं।

“सबसे बड़े या किसी company के shareholder को ही stakeholder कहते है Obviously ये Company मे invest या कुछ % (percentage) में deal करते हैं।Customer Suppliers, shareholders, employee management, and the local community.

“The theory is expected to give equal consideration to the interest of all stakeholders. if in any case conflict will arise between the Corporate and stakeholders then managers should aim to balance this situation. ”

Corporations must have a responsibility towards both the internal and external stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders = These are the stakeholder that is actually involved in the process of Corporate governance like corporate directors and employees.

External stakeholders = There is the stakeholder that is not a part of the process of corporate governance like customers, suppliers, auditors, govt, agencies etc.

Stakeholder Rights & Privilege  

Rights voting 
  • Right to vote
  • Decision making
  • Policy making
Employee Rights
  • Fair wages
  • Safe working conditions
  • Career development
  • Job security
Customer Rights
  • Reliable product
  • Fair privilege
  • Accurate information
Community Rights
  • Healthy environment
  •  Infrastructure development
Government Rights
  • Protect public interest
  • Collecting taxes
  • Promoting economic
  • Maintain Social Stability


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